Creative & Contagious

Through our creative communications, we best able to communicate thoughts and ideas to market. We deliver messages with intelligence and integrity. Every single creation was a surprise, because it was always better than we imagine.

Professional with Fresh Idea

We are thrilled you have the opportunity to soak up the fresh scent of professional, dynamic, and exciting idea.

Imaginative and Innovative

Our objectives can only be achieved through superior creativity. We determine the clients fundamental issues, generate core ideas, and optimize consumer touch-points and media.

Work with Passion and Spirit

Drive by passion and competitive spirit, you will find a bunch of energetic people from all disciplines who want to work closely with you to achieve the ambitions you have for your business.

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We Are Colorful World Indonesia

Set up in Jogjakarta in 2009, and since then, we’ve established ourselves as one of the Production House specialized in photography, cinematography, and graphic design – and with our new office in Jakarta, we are hoping to do the same like we did in Jogjakarta, but adding more creative services in Visual Creative such as animation, visual branding, and also marketing communication. We expand our services as Creative Agency named Colorful World Indonesia.

As a creative agency, our talented team will continually giving the clients with fresh ideas, creativity, and mind-blowing artwork to support your promotional campaign. Colorful World Indonesia also focusing to adding excitement in every project we handled, with our energetic and passionated team involved.

Routine blocks creativity. Aware of the difficulties to develop fresh idea from your own to support your campaign, as your partner, we offer comprehensive services, start from idea, concepting and execution to share company key message and ideas through our main skills : Graphic Design, Photography, Cinematography, and Animation. We ready to bringing them together as your demand to create impactful campaign.

What We Do

We do creativity with passionated. Creativity is coming best when you work with a energetic and passionated team involved in project or campaign you want to execute.

While brand identity often being a first impression, promotional collateral strengthens your brand identity by giving you a tangible way to express your message in clear and effective way. We will create custom design for any brand identity and collateral, including : Logo, Packaging, Stationery, Company Profile, Brochure, Poster, Catalog, Calendar, Magazine, Book, Print Ads and all graphic design work fit to your promotional campaign needs
Colorful World Indonesia conducts relaxed yet professional photography sessions, with the result being engaging images of you and your organizations that can be presented to current and potential clients.
It’s time to turn up your video production to a level that can’t be ignored. With a talented and dedicated team, we have formula that involves passion, energy, and intelligence to create video that excite both us and client.

We’re Good At

Our creative team has extensive experiences and skills in developing promotional campaign supported by various modern and up-to-date tools and approach.

Concept & Strategic


Graphic Design










Offset & Printing

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We love to build strong and lasting relationship with our client. And our approach are flexibility, professional and dedicated to them with various demand. We believe their success is our success too.

Engaging Campaign

Good design is awesome, but we want more than that. Engaging campaign that fit to clients audience would be our priority in our creation.

Empowering Client

Not only doing projects, we share and educate clients of how they can gain effective communication through creative campaign we create.

We Listening

Not only individuals have aspirations, brand and business too. We would discuss, listen, and gather information to be tailored the most fit campaign for you.


With a blend of passions and personalities, Colorful World Indonesia has delivers various creative works for our partners.

We’d love to hear from you !